Sending Payments to Susan Hislop
Susan Hislop, Sue-Cat

I accept credit/debit card payments online via secure payment services (
I, including my website/host server, never see your card details), checks/money orders by mail/courier, and payments to my email address via Popmoney or Google Pay. International transfers directly into my bank account are also possible via services such as TransferWise or Xoom.

Payments are due upon invoice receipt/completion of tech editing. Go here to see my current pricing.

Credit/Debit Card via Everbutton/Stripe

EverButton is secured by Stripe, a very well-known and highly-secure payment vendor that accepts payments made using a credit card or debit card, via secure servers. You do not need to be an EverButton or Stripe member to utilize the service.

Google Pay
Please send payment to my email address,

Check or Money Order
All payments must be in US dollars and made payable to "Susan Hislop".

Popmoney can be used directly through the Popmoney website or, if your bank supports Popmoney, through a Popmoney send funds window on your bank's website. Please send payment to my email address,

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