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Susan Hislop, Sue-Cat
Please call me Sue, Susan, or Sue-Cat. I'm an Australian who's been living in the US since 2005 and hence, I am familiar with both American and British English spelling and both metric and imperial measurements. (If we speak on the phone and you have any difficulty understanding my Aussie accent, please ask me to speak slower.)

My mother taught me how to knit when I was four years old. Of course, it was years later before I produced anything wearable and then many, many more years before I learned of tech editing. I started by finding mistakes in purchased patterns and proofreading patterns before test knitting started, gradually realizing that what I was doing was tech editing. I was thrilled to see the Tech Editing Certification newly offered by TKGA in 2017 and became the fourth person to complete the course. I find it very satisfying to see the test knitting of patterns I've tech edited go smoothly and to see the neat, professional pattern that results. It brings together skills I've learned earlier in my life:
  • I have a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Computing and worked for a number of years in IT positions as an Analyst/Programmer and Project Leader. As a programmer, following the correct coding syntax is essential – this is equivalent to using basic knitting abbreviations and following a style sheet (or simply the designer's style as presented) when tech editing. Standards are also important both in IT and tech editing. Additionally, finding errors in a knitting pattern without actually knitting it is like performing a manual 'dry run' or step-by-step 'walkthrough' on programs to find 'bugs' (errors).

  • I have (or had) a couple of hobbies that helped me to develop an "eagle eye", noticing little details or things out of place. Years ago, before I moved to the US, I was very interested in Australian Native Plants and became adept in noticing and identifying (often very small) plants growing in the woods. After I moved to the US, I started "geocaching" which is like a treasure hunt (no actual treasure is involved!) finding items that others have hidden outdoors, at times exceedingly well and as small as my little fingernail. One definitely develops an eye for it with practice. My main geocaching focus has been in finding geocaches that involve puzzles (solving thousands), and those that involve hiking to scenic locations (good exercise). I solve math and logic puzzles for fun. This leads me to say that understanding a 20-page (or more) complex knitting pattern with unique garment construction can be like solving a fun and challenging puzzle!

  • Over the last 20+ years, I've created and maintained a variety of websites which includes proofreading their content and working to a given style.

  • Lastly, of course, joyful, relaxing knitting!
You've probably guessed that I have pet cats and have had most of my life. They are my "children", prompting my choice of Sue-Cat as my online username.

With care and yarn,

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