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Last updated: 09/25/2018
Privacy Notice

I am Susan Hislop, aka Sue-Cat, tech editor and owner of this website. I respect your privacy and treat your information, documents, and patterns shared with me as part of my tech editing services with total privacy and confidentiality. All client information such as name, email, and knitting patterns I receive is kept on a single protected computer located in my office and is maintained in the strictest confidence. I maintain an Internet firewall with Kaspersky Internet Security. Your contact information is never sold, loaned, leased, or traded, and I do not engage in spam marketing. Your contact information is never disclosed to any third parties without your explicit consent. I do not send out newsletters or mass emails.

Neither this website, domain, or my web host create any individual profiles of visitors; there is no personal information recorded. At all times, individual anonymity is preserved. This site does not use cookies.

I use AND CO to create invoices with a link to pay online securely. AND CO is secured by WePay, a well-known and highly-secure payment vendor that accepts payments made using a credit card or debit card, via secure servers. You do not need to have an account with AND CO or WePay to utilize the service. When you make a payment online neither myself, this website, my web host, or AND CO ever see your card details. This is also the case if you use an alternative online payment method listed on my Payments webpage.

You are entitled to view, amend, or ask me to delete your personal information that I hold. Email your request to me at

With care,
Susan Hislop

Copyright Notice

All content of this website is copyright © 2011 through 2018 by Susan Hislop, all rights reserved. You may not copy or disseminate any of its content without my explicit consent in writing.

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